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De Mûelenaere Oncology (DMO) is a group of radiation oncology practices that was founded by Dr Georges de Mûelenaereand has been practicing radiation oncology since 1976. DMO offers cancer patients the total spectrum of radiotherapy services. We believe that this focus on one treatment modality - radiation oncology - enables us to provide a high level of care in this area.


One of the key components that set us at DMO

apart is our uncompromising approach to patient-centricity.

For this reason, we reach beyond the realm of basic radiation oncology treatment to offer our patients an extensive range of associated specialist services. This ensures optimal cancer care from a dual perspective: physical and emotional.

An integrated approach

DMO considers each patient's unique profile and consults with a forum of medical specialists to devise a customised treatment programme that integrates all the relevant medical disciplines needed to best address the cancer issue. This saves our patients time and money, and adds value to their care. At present, we have multidisciplinary forums in place for breast, head and neck and neurological cancers.

Associated cancer treatment

Critical auxiliary cancer treatment services are conveniently available on-site. Facilities include pathology labs as well as CT scanners for your treatment planning scans. Medical oncologists are located at each centre, and there are hospitals in close proximity to every unit for in-patient care and procedures.

Social services

Our oncology counsellors and counsellors are available to walk the cancer journey with our patients and their families, answer their questions honestly and lend an ear when it is needed. In this way our patients receive the aid they need to deal with their realities and put coping mechanisms in place.

Support groups

DMO facilitates a survivor centre that is run by our patients, for our patients. Cancer impacts patients and their families profoundly. Here, patients get to soundboard, share with and encourage each other.

Top medical specialists at your service

DMO proudly employs some of SA's foremost medical professionals to treat our patients. Meet your specialists here

You're never alone

Our treating specialists walk our patients' journeys with them, through treatment as well as during their follow-up care, which is tailored specially to their needs.


DMO is a founding member of ICON, an independent clinical oncology network that was predominantly founded to make cancer care more accessible, ensure affordable cancer care, enable peer review of treatment protocols and provide a platform to measure treatment outcomes nationwide. Read more about ICON…

Someone once said that surviving cancer should not be the end to a gruesome story, but the beginning of a beautiful one. Allow DMO to help you write your beautiful new story.Request an appointment now.